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The Toronto Mortgage Broker can arrange financing for all types of borrowers and their needs at the best available mortgage rates and terms.

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Mortgage calculators are used for all types of mortgages in the market, whether they are for commercial or residential property, in the form of offices, malls and even warehouses.

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I am a Mortgage Consultant for one of the most successful mortgages companies in Canada.


As a Toronto Mortgage Broker, my role is to find the right mortgage for my client while making the process and overall experience memorable for them. Where some lenders deal specifically with niche markets such as commercial lending or niche clients such as real estate investors, a Toronto Mortgage Broker deals with a variety of mortgage lenders and clientele. Having access to over 50 different lenders in residential, commercial and constructing lending gives a Toronto Mortgage Broker a broad spectrum of client’s to work with and lenders to choose from.

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Self Employed Mortgages Update

Self Employed Mortgages It is business as usual in the mortgage world although lenders are monitoring the current situation and implementing changes as they move along. For self employed borrowers the lenders will look at the industry of the borrower to get an understanding of how that industry maybe effected by the current economic situation.

Reverse Mortgage

Reverse Mortgages Reverses Mortgage and offered by several Institutions in Canada. The Reverse Mortgage is geared towards borrowers aged 55 years or older who need to access cash flow by using the security in their homes but cannot qualify for a traditional mortgage based on income etc. No Mortgage payments are required over the life

New To Canada Mortgage

New To Canada Mortgage If you are a new immigrant to Canada, obtaining a mortgage has never being easier. You can qualify for a standard mortgage of up to 95% of borrowing. That is right, up to 95%! This program is open for all new immigrants with permanent residency, temporary residency, or a work VISA.


I am a Mortgage Consultant for one of the most successful mortgages companies in Canada.  I believe a true mortgage professional needs to have the tools and expertise to offer customers the very best there is in mortgage products and mortgage rates. This can only be achieved by having a wide variety of lenders to work with. I have 50 different lenders to choose from. Our products cover all Real Estate Financing from primary residence, second homes, rental/investment properties, commercial properties, construction and raw land.

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Robert, Thank you so much for helping us get our home refinanced. You were professional, friendly and very helpful. I will recommend to all my friends
Sian Carson
Thanks to Robert I was able to purchase my first home and its been smooth sailing ever since. I’ve since then purchased my second and now on my third home only ever utilizing Robert and his outstanding expertise. His knowledge, patients and honesty rank him #1 in my books.
David McGregor
Working with Robert is stress free! He worked closely with us to ensure the best rate possible was made available to us. His patience and knowledge made us comfortable and knew we were in good hands. We will continue to work with Robert in the years to come. Thank you Robert for all your help and guidance!
John Edward Long
Robert thank you very much for everything you have done for me and it has been a great pleasure working with you on my mortgages over the last 8 years. Definitely I will recommend you to anyone who will need your services. Warm Regards, Harjit
Harjit Vasir
The people who recommended you were right, your expertise and professionalism is very good but what i appreciate the most is the customer service. I, as a client, am very persistent and scattered but ambitious.
Daniel Carlin
I have been working with Robert Clancy throughout the past 7 years. Instant response, professional advice and prompt service – these are the qualities I have greatly enjoyed while organizing the needed financial transactions with Mr. Clancy. Mr. Clancy has always been attentive to my financial needs, and he has always made sure I clearly understood the details of the transaction or operation discussed. I would gladly recommend Mr. Clancy to anybody who is interested in obtaining financial services from a competent and honest professional.
Nadia Evgrafova
Robert assisted us with the refinancing of our home. He was able to provide us with an affordable rate and was a pleasure to deal with. I would highly recommend him to friends and family.
Cheryl Hill
Robert Clancy is an excellent broker and I would highly recommend him to anyone. He took the time and helped us figure out a plan that was customized perfectly for our family. He was a pleasure to speak to and extremely understanding. I can’t thank him enough for everything! He truly changed our lives for the better!
Francesca and Marc
Ornella Burns
Ornella Burns
20:18 30 Jan 20
I always have the best service experience with Robert along with the best rates on our mortgage/line of credit needs. You will also get information on any changes from Bank of Canada affecting the economy on prime rates etc. which ultimately affect mortgage & LOC lending rates.read more
Kerry Beckstead
Kerry Beckstead
23:58 13 Jan 20
Robert has been my mortgage broker for my first mortgage and subsequent remortgages. He has always been lovely to work with, very responsive, and available for advice. I know he has worked hard to get me the best rate. I have recommended him to friends and family.read more
Doug Eaton
Doug Eaton
15:16 14 Nov 19
This is my second time working with Robert for our mortgage and everytime its seamless. Robert has a great knowledge of the products available and always makes sure we get the best product available come closing. It's a shame mortgages are five years apart limiting the amount of times we actually do business, however, Robert continues to provide great customer service in the time between mortgages with up to date information when the industry changes. We have just remortgage, but look forward to working again with Rob in the future!read more
Jason Reaney
Jason Reaney
16:11 13 Nov 19
Robert Clancy, is one of the best individuals I have ever dealt with. Very professional and very knowledgeable.
Jason Falk
Jason Falk
16:16 11 Nov 19
Robert has helped me a number of times with getting the best deal for my mortgage. He does excellent work, and I would highly recommend him. When I was building he was able to find a solution to consolidate my existing and construction mortgages when others couldn't.read more
Mike Bigioni
Mike Bigioni
01:59 11 Nov 19
I've used Robert a few times now and wouldn't go anywhere else. The last deal was complicated and had many issues, but Robert was there every step of the way to make sure everything got done properly and on time. When I ran into problems, he had solutions. Thanks Robert!read more
Marci Ellig
Marci Ellig
12:17 10 Jul 19
Rob helped us with both our home and business mortgage. He's quick to respond, very knowledgeable and an absolute professional. You can tell that he cares for the people he works with and is willing to go out of his way or go that extra mile to help. I would highly recommend him to anyone.read more
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